About Us


To develop fully-devoted followers of Jesus Christ


To glorify God by building a real and relevant Christ centered community where lives are transformed into being fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ. 

Core Value

Authentic Worship – Culturally relevant, technologically current worship

Invitational CommunityBuilding relationships by reaching out to our community

Growing in our faithFocusing on growing mature disciples through grow-groups with Scripture, fellowship, and prayer as the basis

Sacrificial ServiceServing our church, neighbors and our world as an outward expression of an inward change

Generous GivingGiving from all with which God has blessed us

Faith at homeEquipping families to live Christ-centered faith in our homes

Six Habits of a fully devoted Follower of Jesus Christ

  1.  Daily Devotions
  2. Weekly Worship
  3. Weekly Grow Group
  4. Regular Serving 
  5. Faithful-Giving
  6. Sharing Your Faith