Community Cupboard 

A Community Cupboard is an outdoor pantry that is made available for those that have need due to a transient situation, or financially hard times, when the community food pantry might not be open. It also provides an opportunity to supply some items that the local food pantry does not.
Our larger Community Cupboard is getting a lot of use. Glory to God!! Having said that, our supply of items is dwindling. In the past, we have compiled a list; however, we are asking those who are using it to tell us what they need.
Community Cupboard
Here is that list:
Baby food and baby formula
Feminine products
Baby wipes
Canned fruit (with pull tab on lid)
SpaghettiOs (with pull tab on lid)
Mac and cheese
Chunky soup (with pull tab on lid)
Peanut butter
Snack bars
These items can be dropped off at the mission table, or in the “cupboard” if the church building is closed.
Community Cupboard - Inside
Community Cupboard - Sign