Wresting With the Big Questions

It came to me in one of our prayer gatherings a few weeks ago. A recollection as much as a revelation. 13 years ago, a good friend who was consulting with my church told our leadership that very thing, “wrestle with the big questions.” He told us to let go of the little things. If we look to God and choose our weapons from His arsenal, God will always show up and lead us on.
On Monday of this week, I sent you a letter in which I outlined the counsel and challenge I have put before our Leadership Board.  I encourage you to join us in working out the questions before us; coming to God in worship, prayer, service, and Christian conferencing, so that together we can hear from the mind of God and be empowered to work as God calls us to.
If you haven’t already worked through the length of the letter I sent, please do so prayerfully. The next phase will surely be an exciting one. Don’t worry it too much either. The one guy in the Bible who wrestled with God got to be the father of God’s chosen people. He’s going to get us to the place where we best serve the Kingdom.
I’m humble and blessed to serve with you, water’sEDGEMay the Holy Spirit guide, empower, and guard us as we see God’s hand at work in and through us.